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Spring cleaning — Why this time of year is perfect for a clean out

Spring has officially sprung, and although you may have only been in your new space a matter of weeks or months, it’s still the perfect time of year to clean out your belongings and start fresh for the new season.

No matter how organized you might think you’ve been keeping your living area, we all have the propensity to get sentimental over certain (read: unnecessary) possessions, be it clothes you rarely wear, or the futon you’ve been keeping around since college. Because we’re often blind to our own nostalgia, spring cleaning can be the perfect time to clean with a friend — just don’t let them hold back.

If you’re starting with your closet, go through and make piles of the items you’ve worn over the last six weeks (and don’t blame a lack of wearing on the winter time — we all know that Arizona doesn’t really get those). From their, narrow down further to what you’ll need over the summer.

Remember that only half of a good spring cleaning is surface level. We’ve gone over donating slightly-used clothing or furniture that you never got around to, but there’s always more to do! Continue by getting rid of forgotten, rarely used food and spices in the pantry, and cleaning out bathroom drawers and cabinets can make you feel lighter — and keep your home feeling much neater and organized.

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