Big Celebrations, Small Spaces.

With the holidays around the corner, more and more people are looking to host friends and family for social gatherings. Some think that because they live in an apartment they can’t host their friends, but there are ways to create space for social get-togethers like cocktail hours, dinner parties and holiday celebrations.

Space-Saving Tableware and Serving Carts

One way to make space and fit multiple dishes and servings in a small area is to focus on tableware that does double duty. Tiered trays and racks are a great way to serve appetizers, finger foods, snacks and even dessert. Since those types of plates present multiple items vertically, it leaves more room for other plates and dishes that may be too heavy to put on a tiered serving rack.

Another tip is to avoid serving food items that require large plates, like skewers, full turkeys or ham. Using smaller plates helps maximize the small amount of space available. You can pre-slice and ration out larger foods into either bite-size hors d’oeuvres or place in smaller serving stations. For example, if items need to be kept warm, you can use a slow cooker that holds two to three different items to fit multiple dishes in one space.

Serving carts can also alleviate the need to put drinks, drinkware and other similar items in the same place as the food. They also help separate the traffic of those wanting food from those wanting a drink. Another advantage of serving carts is that many also come with multiple shelves, like the tiered trays, so you can keep ice buckets, soft drinks and drinkware on one shelf and a wine coolers or spirits on the other.

Furniture and Room Flow

You may also need to accommodate more people than usual during the holidays, so it is important to make sure there is still open space for guests to walk around and enjoy themselves.

Depending on how many people you plan on hosting, you may need to add furniture such as chairs and folding tables to your apartment to accommodate guests. If you’re going to do so, avoid using bulky furniture. Using simple furniture takes up less space and allows you to fit more items into a smaller space while still making it feel open.

Also, don’t limit the party to just inside. Let guests enjoy the cool Arizona weather, too! If you have a balcony, feel free to put tables and chairs on the balcony so guests can use as much space as possible. 

Get Creative

Think beyond the kitchen table and counter for serving and entertaining. You can easily utilize side and coffee tables and other furniture for storage, sitting and dining. Wall niches and shelves can be used for utensils and organization. Some items like benches and ottomans have storage built into them, allowing flexibility and more serving space. You can use the laundry closet or room as a storage room for purses and coats to avoid clutter around the hosting area.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself and your guests!